International Conference on Audio Networking

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One of the primary research areas in the CineGrid community is professional media networking. Every year at the Workshop, there are several sessions devoted to ultra-high-definition streaming video, with ever higher bandwidths and more distant sources. However, integrating audio into this equation has proven difficult for many. In fact, one of the comments among people developing media networking systems is how hard it is to deal with both video and audio in a single stream. For those of you interested in this important topic, there is an upcoming event.

This November 18-20, 2011 the Audio Engineering Society is holding an international conference on the topic of Audio Networking in San Diego, CA.

Audio networking engineers from a wide variety of areas, including broadcasting, post-production, recording, live sound, performance, installed sound, and many more, will be giving papers, participating in demonstrations, and speaking in panel discussions. This is a great opportunity to get up-to-date information about audio networking, and how it can help with your own research topics. Everyone with an interest in media networking can send a representative to this event, both to increase knowledge of the topic and to ask important questions representing the CineGrid community.

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