CineGrid @ Universiteit van Amsterdam

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De Universiteit van Amsterdam heeft voorgesteld dat het CineGrid Amsterdam project zich gaat richten op een ‘entry-level HQ-Media’, een faciliteit gebaseerd op grid- en cloudcomponenten:

The UvA proposed that the CineGrid Amsterdam project focuses to build “an entry-level HQ-Media” (and beyond) distributed facility. This facility is based on grid and cloud components and specialized cinematic domain specific equipment. These components are connected by optical photonic networks, and can make use of lightpaths to create dedicated circuits providing the required deterministic data transport characteristics (QoS). To support flexible project based modus operandi, the components in the Center of Excellence will be turned into virtualized resources, legoblocks, that can be combined in a dynamic fashion to gather, process, (re)code, annotate, store and stream cinematic data at the required performance level eventually for real time viewing. This architecture has an immediate advantage: the SME’s can concentrate on what they do best: creating content. They just need to define proper creative workflows that use the legoblocks to get their work done.

Lees hier meer over het voorstel, geschreven door Cees de Laat van het Informatics Institute.